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Hollywood-Joe (Joe Frankel) takes us back to 1930s to romanticize the power of chocolate
...as he shoots a tiny episode to present to Hollywood.

hear the promotion

The In-Credibility Factor became a #1 Best Seller ..at lauch time, across all categories on Amazon.com.

Ingrid Läderach Steven, owner of Swiss-Master Chocolatier is one of 30 featured Entrepreneurs in her chapter titled: "NEVER GIVE UP"

It is about "CREDIBLE PEOPLE WITH INCREDIBLE STORIES" Stories and strategies every entrepreneur needs to know.

November 2013: Teresa Kruze featured a chapter on Ingrid as one of the 30 entrepreneurs in the book. It is about "entrepreneurs you-want-to-stand-up-and-cheer-for." Book launch was at Ernst & Young LLP "Entrepreneur of the year Gala" that "celebrated Canada's brightest entrepreneurs"
(Teresa says: There are books on the market featuring entrepreneurial stories and others that detail what you need to do to start your own business but very few combine the two elements and that's why we think "The In-Credibility Factor" will be a very special book.)

Ingrid shares her very personal and inspiring story in the December 2017 issue of the Neighbours of Windfields.

Ingrid with great NHL player Mike Bullard and Emmanuel Lewis, actor and star of the 1980’s sitcom Webster.

A hug to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar becoming Canada's first woman in space.

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Front entrance to family boutique high up in the Swiss Alps, circa 1950s. Customers lined up at our doors even back then. (Also had a family tourist business in San Remo, Italian Riviera) 


Thank you to all the wonderful people who came out and were part of our “sweet history”! The fun included a Swiss-Band, three alpenhorn players, Miss Canada, a clown for the kids, celebrities and VIPs, loads of prizes, and much more.

Click here to find out about our special guests and view pictures including of our red carpet where you had the opportunity to have your picture taken with an Academy Award (Oscar), Emmy, and Golden Globe trophies... the real thing (thank you Myra!) and find out more about our wonderful celebration.
Thank you everyone!

Click here to watch a fun video clip from the party!

Women of Distinction Magazine

Women of Distinction Magazine, December 2015 issue

(Ingrid is on the front cover of the issue)

Clice here to read the online cover story about Ingrid Läderach Steven and her amazing and inspirational life in the December 2015 issue of Women of Distinction Magazine.

(Magazine available only in the United States)

 Listen to Ingrid's interview with Women of Distinction Magazine

of Swiss truffles(and pralines):
Scientific studies have found chocolate to be irresistible to females sending them into emotional ecstasy. The luscious "fresh cream Swiss truffles" are the most prized of all chocolates. They are those tiny creations that have always had a mystique and magic about them with an ability to ignite joy and happiness, if but for a lingering moment, that very few other foods can compete with. For a "male courting a love" bringing an "I Love You" truffle can be a magical gift that is worth its weight in gold. Swiss-Master "fresh cream" truffles live up to this image, look beautiful, and burst in the mouth with exotic tastes.

Here is to love, chocolate, and
the time to enjoy them!


.....They have less sugar and lots of natural luscious fruits and nuts and fresh cream – and to put it simply, they are "to live for".....

We operate in the Old Continental tradition of personalized service and extra high quality.

Our chocolates are flown in to Toronto from family-run Läderach-Chocolatier who retails across Switzerland – and exports throughout Europe, Middle East, Far East and United States. We also import specialty items from other famous Swiss chocolateurs. Our fresh-cream truffles and pralines are NOT made "for export" – and NOT made for long shelf life. They are the SAME as those sold in Switzerland. THEY REQUIRE GREAT CARE AND DELICATE HANDLING.

Ingrid Läderach Steven, owner
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  "...Laederach-Steven has brought a much needed flare to the chocolate business... noted for having some of the best chocolate truffles in the world at a very reasonable price... For the price of a good local chocolate... some of the very best truffles the world has to offer..."
Canadian Jewish News, 1992

“Just up the street from Toronto’s ritzy “The Bridle Path / Post Road” area . . where Toronto’s “beautiful people” have come to shop for chocolate for some 19 years . . But the “really busy” times, she says, start in November when corporations come to put in huge orders. What adds another dimension is the sizable Jewish, Chinese, Russian, and Muslim clientele . . At times it is so busy that lines form. For Valentine’s it can be up to 30 feet outside. Often you’ll find famous celebrities waiting patiently in line, happily chatting with others . . What really impressed me was how Ingrid even supplied for the space shuttle SST-42 DISCOVERY “night-before shuttle flight” dinner. What also adds to the shopping experience is the many Mercedes, BMWs and Hummers in the parking lot . . .and at times stretched-limos with celebrities . .”
In Magazine, Montreal, Winter 2004

"The staff are friendlier than any indecisive shopper has a right to expect, the packaging is imperial"
Toronto Life, June 1993

"...But the lure of Swiss-Master is as much the wisdome and warmth of its owner as the purity and goodness of its chocolate..."
yoursourceCandianLifestyle, Holdiday 2001

Chocolatier Magazine "3rd Annual Gift Guide For Chocolate Lovers" "...and on top of each chocolate sits a tiny gift they call a ‘smidgen’
Chocolatier Magazine (USA) December 1987

"This ’fashion food’ is packaged like precious jewels... Their Swiss-Master frozen yogurt is the piece de resistance... a Swiss-Master bonus"
Globe and Mail December 10, 1987

"Attention all chocoholics. . . I'll show you a place that will send your taste buds into a tale spin. Swiss-Master Chocolatier is a store where decadence is always in vogue. So, chocolate lovers brace yourselves"
CFTO-TV Eye on Toronto February 19, 1990

"Cinderella boutique in a tiny fairyland-like plaza, recognized as the most profitable in Canada, nestled in the middle of Canada’s richest neighbourhood."
Introduction of Swiss-Master at "1999 Retailer of the Year" Ceremonies

"...when asked for her secret, Läderach-Steven answered: ‘There is no overall simple answer, or magic formula. Just offer great chocolate and great service, all at a fair price, and watch the magic click in, especially with an upscale clientele... It’s that simple... and yet it’s that difficult!’"
Toronto Business Times, Millennium Achievements, January 2001

“…Our niche became the endless social events around the Bayview/ TheBridlePath/PostRoad area… big corporate sales followed as a result…”
Swiss-Canadian News, June 1987

"Win a Day of Beauty' with Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'.....with Swiss-Master Chocolatier chocolates as one of the prizes..."
The Toronto Star contest, May 27, 2001

". . .our shop is defined by an affluent clientele who demands a world class product and
great service at a reasonable price. . .if we
do not have that natural fit we simply do not
succeed. . ."

". . .Swiss chocolates are made under what one would describe as clinical sanitary conditions. In fact, Swiss cleanliness is legendary. That is one reason Swiss chocolates can have a low sugar content...
and are bursting with natural fruits and nuts...
But in turn they require much more delicate handling when they are air freighted, stored, and sold. . ."

". . .But of course no shop becomes great because of product alone. There is an ambience at Swiss-Master that clicks in and permeates the shop to make chocolate buying a pleasurable experience. . ."

Jun 20, 2007 www.swissinfo.ch
(article appeared on the front page)

“Canada's Swiss – to vote or not to vote”

One of the top addresses is owned by Ingrid Läderach-Steven,
a woman from central Switzerland who has become somewhat
of a Toronto institution. She sells "beautiful chocolates for
beautiful people" from her shop, Swiss Master Chocolatier,
in the upscale Bridle Path neighborhood ......
(also reported on by NZZ.ch on-line)

A lovely article about Swiss-Master Chocolatier in the Toronto Epoch Times.

ORT Toronto hosted the ORT Battle of the Airbands at the Mod Club in downtown Toronto.

A special thanks to Swiss-Master Chocolatier for their sponsorship.

Dec 2015 - Ingrid receives an honourary plaque from Creative Media in New York.

July 18, 2011 .."Swiss-Master Chocolatier and Ingrid" chosen as "Poster Child" for federal government’s announcement of new Pension Plan for small businesses... with Jim Menzies making announcement ..and our MP John Carmichael introducing him

Ingrid makes a speech in Switzerland
.."congratulations" from P.M. Stephen Harper
to Juerg Läderach

Rose Reisman author and colourful TV and radio personality .. wrote 14 cookbooks and owns Rose Reisman Catering.. photographed (front cover Bayview Post Magazine) at Swiss Master Chocolatier November 2006 (Rose has received incredible exposure getting Canadians to lead healthy, balanced lives)

click to enlarge
Let our beautiful creations reflect the
warmth of your welcome

Dec 2015: The Ultimate Warriors made a special stop at Swiss-Master on their Tubman's Annual Holiday Trot... thank you!
Toronto Star, February 13, 2002
Passionate readers pick Swiss-Master
as "Most Popular Chocolatier in Town"

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click to enlarge
Toronto Star, February 13, 2002

Dec 2015: The Ultimate Warriors made a special stop at Swiss-Master on their Tubman's Annual Holiday Trot... thank you!

click to enlarge
Success Magazine, front cover Spring 2007 ..read “article” in the Media Page

Ingrid delivers message:
July 2002
Ingrid is a graduate of the famous
In Switzerland

click to enlarge
We attract celebrities when the film festival is on, when a show or performer is in town or when they are making a movie …. Prince used to drive up in a limo with his bodyguard, but now feels comfortable enough to drive up by himself or with his wife. Ingrid stresses she does not get ga-ga when someone important drops in ..and waits for them to start up a conversation. She described Jon Voigt as an exceptionally interesting and friendly person who picked up chocolates for the entire crew when he wrapped his last film.

OUR 30th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION was a fantastic event with close to 900 people coming throughout the day to celebrate with us.

We had many wonderful special guests and we would like to thank them for joining our celebration...

Here is a bit about just some of the wonderful special guest who helped make the day such a memorable event:

Myra Mann (who brought Hollywood excitement). Myra is widow of famed screenwriter Abby Mann who was a distinctive phenomenon in the entertainment industry, dedicated to big and important themes. His film, Judgment at Nuremberg, with possibly the greatest cast of all time – Spencer Tracy, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, Maximillian Schell, Montgomery Clift, Judy Garland, and Richard Widmark - won twelve Oscar nominations and an Academy Award for Mr. Mann. It also won the New York Film Critics Award and virtually every major film-writing award in every country.

His other works included: A Child Is Waiting, the first film to deal with the mentally challenged; The Detective, which he wrote for Frank Sinatra; Ship Of Fools, which won him another Oscar nomination; and for television, he created the famous series Kojak. The movie Indictment: The McMartin Trial - which he produced with Oliver Stone and co-wrote with his wife Myra, brought them huge critical acclaim as well as an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Abby Mann's contribution to the industry went on for decades - something he was fortunate to do with the help, encouragement, love, and devotion of Myra at his side. We felt so very proud and honoured that Myra was with us to help celebrate our 30th Anniversary. It just does not get much better than that. Myra has also been a writer for Criminal Minds.

Eddie Shack, Hockey player (retired), and Toronto favourite, is also known by the nicknames "The Entertainer" and "The Nose" played for six National Hockey League teams from 1959 to 1975, and he has 4 Stanley Cup rings!

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

Jaye Robinson, Toronto councilor

John Carmichael, MP Conservative Don Valley West

Julian Fantino, MP Conservative Vaughan

Miss Universe Canada, Paola Nunez Valdez, who will represent Canada in upcoming Miss Universe contest, and a crowd favourite at our event.

Teresa Kruze TV personality, sports caster, host of LivingClean/LivingWell and Turning Point, and documentary film maker.

Louise Russo founder of WAVE (Working Against Violence Everyday) In 2004 while in a sandwich shop Louise was shot, leaving her paralyzed from waist down. She now goes to schools and tells children that “violence is not the answer," with hope that her message can teach them to lead positive lives, our admiration for Louise and her work knows no bounds

Soo Wong Ontario MPP (Scarborough-Agincourt) and Chair, Standing Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs.

Rose Reisman colourful TV and radio personality, owner of Rose Reisman Catering, and celebrated author of a number of lifestyle and cookbooks. She has received incredible exposure for helping Canadians to lead healthy, balanced lives.

Sara Waxman, publisher, editor, writer, and award-winning restaurant critic and food/travel journalist who has eaten her way through much of the free world over the past 30 years and writes about it in books, newspapers and magazines. Sara is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of DINE magazine, working with her son Adam Waxman who is Associate Publisher, Contributing Editor & Senior Writer.

Nancy Forsyth, a business counsellor at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business presents Ingrid with a certificate.

Fun at our 25th ANNIVERSARY PARTY . . Sept 25, 2010

About 800 people came throughout the whole day
..and lots of media!

Rogers TV broadcasted event for several weeks as part of community news

Canadysli Swiss band was there to give lively true-Swiss sound to it all. Thank you Canadysli!

Ingrid dancing to the Canadysi Swiss band music

Children had lots of games

everyone loved the Swiss music

lots of samples — and giggles

with great poet friend Donald L. King

Rose Reisman and Maryanne Talbot

face painting for the children

Ingrid and Astronaut Roberta Bondar

Ingrid with friend Sara Waxman

writer and broadcaster Teresa Kruze

and publicist friend Parmjit Parmar

Janine and Hedi

Tom and Ingrid sent thanks

From our famous poet: Donald L King
To Ingrid and her lovely colleagues .. September 2010
Five years past, dear Ingrid, we said thanks for treats and smiles
You’ve cheered us even onward as we trudged our weary miles.
Your truffles, frozen yogurt and nougats rich and creamy
Have left us with feelings that are happy and dreamy.
All Swiss-Master goodies are obscenely calorific
But everyone shares in our judgment: "TERRIFIC"
We know there are days when you wish you’d retired
But we can’t let you go for it’s us you’ve inspired
For twenty five years you’re the Queen of the mall.
At least one decade more, dear Ingrid, we plead.
Can you make us that promise? It’s all that we need.
Just say that you’ll be here and be our good friend
And now this poem’s finished. Thank goodness THE END!
Some kind words from a great friend: Rod Hickman
...as if this were not enough, there is the staff
..of elegance, genuine warmth and charm, taking even the smallest purchase with care,
coloured papers ribbons they produce a treasure for you to take to the
intended beneficiary. Extraordinary! ...Above it all like a fluttering songbird
is the seemingly singing voice of the proprietress Ingrid .. with even a smile
and warm greeting. I think Ingrid must know everyone in the universe, yet she has a
way of making you feel that she has stopped the world just for you.
This is not about chocolate. It is also about service — old style European service
--a forgotten art where you are made to feel special, no matter who you are or how
much you spend. .. It is a Magic Moment and Swiss-Master is
THE Magic Moment store! The best there is!

Fun at our 20th ANNIVERSARY PARTY . . November 5, 2005

click to enlarge

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Here is one of many greetings in our Anniversary Book:

Dear Ingrid, Congratulations on twenty years
of friendship, love and chocolate.
You have rejoiced with us in good times
and have offered support in dark times.
Is it any wonder that so many of your customers
consider themselves friends? Chocolate may be
a comfort food, but the comfort is enhanced exponentially
with your hugs. Stay Well, Stay Beautiful, Stay yourself!

Love, Maureen

Here is another Anniversary greeting:
To Ingrid and her lovely crew
at Swiss-Master Chocolatier for their
Twentieth Anniversary, November 2005:

For 20 years, dear Ingrid
your treats have been the best,
your truffles, yogurt .. and smiles
have beaten all the rest
We love you and we thank you
we really, truly do.
But something else is needed
so we’ll go on cheering you.
Please promise us, dear Ingrid
that you’ll stay on with your store.
We want you here forever!
Well, at least for 20 more.
. . . Donald L. King

Top 100 Swiss Canadians -- October 3, 2013
below is on "Ingrid Läderach"
in Bernadette's Take ..An aria in delicious chocolate
October 3, 2013 - Top 100 Swiss Canadians Ingrid Läderach by swiss100canada · in Bernadette's Take. An aria in delicious chocolate
I always knew that in paradise, Eve held chocolate in her hand and not an apple! (all photos courtesy of Ingrid Läderach Steven) Don't ask Ingrid whether she still can smell chocolate after 28 years in the chocolate business. "Absolutely!" she says and laughs. "A true Swiss cannot live without chocolate nor without cheese." (Hey, this is your gateway for becoming a true Swiss: eat cheese and chocolate!) I really should not use the word "business" either because Ingrid considers her Toronto store Swiss-Master Chocolatier boutique "a true labour of love". She says marketing Swiss chocolate in the largest Canadian city is much more than just selling chocolate. "There are so many lonely people out there who need to talk a little bit. And that is what is beautiful about the store, and what has made it so successful: the interaction between human beings. That brings more satisfaction than anything else, something that comes naturally from being Swiss and running a business", Ingrid says.

According to a survey, many women prefer chocolate to - you-know-what.
Ingrid imports high-quality Swiss chocolate directly from Switzerland. "We have a large selection of truffles and pralines … up to 65 different types," she says. Her chocolates are air-frighted to Canada and - Ingrid says - "they taste just like back in Switzerland". One of her main suppliers is Läderach, a renowned maker of fresh cream truffles and pralines whose exports stretch around the world to serve upscale clientele. Ingrid also imports from Aeschbach Chocolatier, another well-known Swiss chocolate make
Okay, I'll have the Smilie and Miss Piggie and the chess board and you can have the rest.
Ingrid ended up calling her store "Swiss-Master Chocolatier" because she realized that nobody in Canada would be able to pronounce "Läderach" (many Canadians pronounced it as "Laderick"). Her costumers have become her friends, Ingrid says. "We have a great following and some people come every day to get their chocolate fix. Some buy chocolate as a gift. Other costumers buy chocolate only at Christmas, Easter and Valentine's and for special gifts and celebrations." And then there is her corporate clientele who usually buy in very huge volumes. At the recent Canadian Auto Show for instance, thousands of visitors were treated with a little chocolate gift from Ingrid`s store.
Weren't they lucky?
Even Elvis liked Swiss chocolate, it made him swing his hips.
Ingrid who comes from the Swiss town of Lucerne, never thought of becoming a chocolate store owner when she was young - even though she was a graduate of the prestigious Richemont culinary school in Lucerne. When she was a teen, she had the voice of an opera singer. Ingrid says that the famous doctor Albert Schweitzer sent her a congratulatory note, writing of the "voice of a little angel". "I won a scholarship at the well-known Randall School in Denver/Colorado which put me on singing tours all over the United States and appearances on TV."
People, take the word business from your front page, for Ingrid it is a "labour of love"!
And then tragedy struck. "I got a virus that attacked my vocal cords and sadly, that was the end of my singing career", Ingrid says. A person not as strong as Ingrid would not have gotten over this personal disaster. But Ingrid Läderach did not give in to the heavy hand that life served her. On her way back from the U.S., she traveled to Canada in order to see an aunt who had emigrated to Toronto "and that is where I met my husband Tom Steven. The rest is history." Life did not go any easier for her even after that. For starters, she nearly died when she went into cardiac arrest on a plane flying over Nebraska. And later in life, she ended up having seven miscarriages before she gave birth to her two daughters. But today she says: "I have come out of it and I am grateful for what I have and I feel so blessed."
Swiss-Master Chocolatier store celebrates 25 years on September 25, 2010 (everybody got free chocolate, I suppose)
When the daughters were grown, Ingrid wanted to do something that connected her to Switzerland. Her godmother from Basel brought over some "läckerli" (this Swiss speciality is baked according to a top-secret recipe using honey, hazelnuts and almonds, candied orange and lemon peel, and some spices) to Toronto that gave Ingrid an idea: "I phoned owner Peter Klein at Läckerli Huus about importing the cookies to North America." This led also to the wholesaling of chocolate to hotels, clubs and cruise lines in North America. Which then led her to opening up a chocolate boutique in Toronto. As you can imagine, her store became a hit in Toronto, "serving some of Canada's wealthiest and most prominent", Ingrid adds. It is not really a store, it is something like a treasure box, with only 305 square feet. It is redecorated every few months, always with a new theme. "What people get out of my store is not just chocolate, it is also the friendly service. You really have to like people to be good at retail", Ingrid says.
'Yes, it is in there, the secret of the delicious Swiss chocolate! No, Ingrid, you cannot have it, sorry. That is why she does not hire staff at minimum wage. "The store is not like a fast-food-outlet, it is a very special upscale shop with a very special product," Ingrid says proudly. She is a one woman-marketing campaign for Switzerland, believe me. No wonder that last year, the Canadian government chose her store as a role model for small businesses in Canada. "I was flabbergasted", Ingrid recalls. A year later, congratulatory greetings from Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, were sent to Switzerland. Ingrid presented it personally to the Läderach chocolate people at the their 50th-anniversary-celebration in Switzerland. (I won`t congratulate Ingrid on this achievement because who am I compared to the Prime Minister…)
But Ingrid Läderach does not rest on her laurels. "You have to be careful not to become complacent", she says, and she also directs this advice to the entire Swiss chocolate industry as there is a lot of competition out there. I know, I know, Ingrid. I don't want to become complacent. But I am desperate for a chocolate fix right now. Maybe one of Ingrid's truffles with the smiley face on it. Or the one where it says "For you". I already feel better thinking about it.
Here are the Can-Swiss Quiz questions for Ingrid:
Q: What gift do you take to Switzerland from Canada?
A: I usually bring ice wine plus some Roots Canada sweatshirts to Switzerland.

Q: What product(s) do you miss most in Canada?
A: The products I miss most from Switzerland are croissants, and the good breads.

Q: Which are the 3 qualities you cherish most in Swiss men or women?
A: Their love for their homeland, punctuality and sensitivity.

Q: Which are the 3 qualities you cherish most in Canadian men or women?
A: This is a tough question as Canada is such a melting pot of personalities but what does come to mind would be their openness, their casualness and their verbal politeness.

Q: What triggered a culture shock for you in Switzerland?
A: Coming from a very relaxed, casual business atmosphere to a somewhat stiff and aloof one.

Q: Which Canadian or Swiss personality fascinates you?
A: There is not one particular personality that fascinates me. What I am drawn to is the person who is honest, sincere.

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