Outside the boutique
". . .In fact, my store has been a 'home' to almost a generation of people who like to think that they have worked hard, succeeded in a big way, and deserve to be part of something rare and special. . ."

Boutique Has Old-World Charm

A small sign in the window beckoned me with the magic words "Chocolate. . . food of the gods." Being a chocoholic there was no way I could resist, so I reached for the door and opened it. As I stepped in a rich beautiful aroma poured out, tantalizing my taste buds. I stopped and stood there, looking around, feasting my eyes on luscious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, while my mind slowly danced with memories of Switzerland at its chocolate finest. It was just as if I entered a boutique nestled along a winding fashionable street in Zurich, Bern, Basel, or Geneva. For me it was like finding a gold mine.
A view from the inside
This is where Toronto’s "movers and shakers" come to shop... including celebrities visiting Toronto.
I savoured a truffle, like a connoisseur wine-taster overjoyed with a rare find, and for a moment I was lost in ecstasy. It was superb, fresh cream, and every bit as good as I would expect in the finest chocolatiers of the world.

The shop is decorated in an elegant European style that takes straight aim at a "beautiful people" clientele, and there is a quiet emphasis on "excellence" at every turn of the head. It is evident that the chocolateur strongly believes in the philosophy that "to be good is not enough, if one aspires to be great."

Our Showcase
But no shop becomes great because of product alone. There must be an ambience that clicks in and permeates the shop to make chocolate buying a pleasurable experience. The shop goes all out to romanticize the products and provide personalized service.

When I walked out of the shop I felt like I just bought a taste of the best that life has to offer, and that I was pampered as one would expect to be when shopping in the best shops in Europe. It this philosophy that has for over 17 years separated Swiss-Master Chocolatier from the competition and got customers to actually line up outside the door on busy days.

One of our fabulous creations
click to enlarge
Let our beautiful creations reflect the warmth of your welcome
(We supply thousands of chocolate strawberries for endless social and corporate events)
A hand-painted chocolate ski bunny
Hand-painted Ski Bunny Clowns on chocolate

Valentine Chocolates
Valentine’s Day warning: shop early
as the lineups often stretch to around
the corner, up to the coffee shop.
The very best for your Valentine. Scientists tell us "real" chocolate has amazing appeal as it sets off the same chemical reaction in the body as when we are falling in love — especially for females

". . .I’ve watched kids grow up in my store. I’ve even gone to their birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and weddings, and I’ve helped in their many celebrations of the joys in their lives and shared in the sadness of their lives. Our store has been a “home” to almost a generation of people who like to think that they have worked hard, succeeded in a big way, and deserve to be part of something rare and special. . .I’m moved by the fact that we have succeeded to connect in such a beautiful way with the community we serve. Looking back it has been a relationship that comes from the heart, from both sides, the way as I remember the relationship my parents had with their customers in their business in the Swiss Alps, when I could barely see over the counter. It’s things like this that defines us as to who we really are — that is, it defines my store as well as my clientele in a “beautiful people” way. . ."

Easter Packages
"Life's sweet memories"
are made of this
Easter Packages
Easter Egg Truffles
Easter Eggs with fresh-cream truffles

Some of our friendly staff

Our popular giant Santa
outside the store

Swiss-Master's greatest achievement within the chocolate market? "...It has to be the emotional attachment to the boutique by so many wonderful customers." Above is a gift of 51 long-stem roses to the staff by one happy customer the day after Valentine's Day. Another beaming customer came back to ask how it feels to know that "Swiss-Master has contributed to Toronto's baby population." It's things like this that make serving customers at the boutique a pure joy.

Our signature box!

"Seasons Greetings" gift box

Our very popular 6-piece box

A seasonal "piggy" creation Santa and a seasonal "sheep" truffle ...from editorial in
Home and Decor/New Homes/Condo Guide
November 2006

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