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with Sara Waxman, food writer
and a real nice person

Ingrid with old-time customer Mike Harris
and wife Laura

with great guy Andy Barrie, Host of Metro Morning CBC Radio


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Ingrid in a Swiss orchard.
Luscious truffles require
luscious fruits.

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Ingrid with daughters Jaclyn and Jasmin
"Here are the daughters of my life. . .
They came through me but not from me.
They are with me, yet they belong not to me.
I may give them my love and my thoughts
but I cannot dictate their life, because
although I may have housed their bodies
I did not house their souls..."

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Ingrid with Toronto Star columnist William Littler and Dr. Brico (Article "Chocolateur Values Children the Most" in the Media webpage details how Dr. Brico brought Ingrid to Denver and then to Toronto)

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Breakfast in Switzerland

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A village in the Alps

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Festival of Winegrowers,
Vevey, Switzerland

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A "Raffle for Charity" at Swiss-Master
(This one raised $2,026, that
donated to Sheena's Place)

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Toronto Sun, March 17, 1991

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Tom and Ingrid (representing
Swiss-Master Foods Corp)
personal guests of Lorne Greene
at shooting of "Bonanza" TV show.

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Going up the side of the Matterhorn

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Marriage Ceremony:
"Swiss marries a Canadian"
at the Piapot Indian Reserve,
north of Regina, Saskatchewan
(and CBC-TV was also there to record it)

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Pushing the limits of presentation to new heights!

Personal greetings to Ingrid from
Dr. Albert Schweitzer –– “To the little girl with the voice of an angel”

Famous "Canadian Sunset" magical Muskoka, Ontario

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Ingrid always took time out to explore the world with her family

With singer Tom Jones

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Jaclyn singing and dancing with George Cohon (McDonald's) and friends, at "Operation Herbie" Mistletoe Ball

Good friend Eleanor Koldofsky
and Ingrid, with fantastic "Pavlo"
(Eleanor is a great supporter of
the arts who often sacrifices spending
on herself to help artists-in-need
.. and she is a Canadian treasure!)

Ingrid with Michael Burgess,
Les Misérables

Tom and Ingrid with singer Tom Jones
at a party that sure looks
like sometime in the ‘70s

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Ingrid with Dusty Cohl, co-founder of
"Toronto International Film Festival"
and Toronto's "champion"
Edward Greenspan

Sooo Mayor Miller, how are you going to make Toronto even greater!

With Lawrence Welk late 70s


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